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That the marriage of the couple talk! That is the trend that is here to stay. The guest tables are perfect for sharing with everyone from the favorite pastimes of the couple to their love story.
The tables present endless possibilities not only to create an atmosphere that allows all with his mouth open, but to be a means of communication between the couple and their guests. After the dance floor, the table is where guests spend most of the time. Through table decoration grooms and their guests can share important aspects of their love story or love story to it that perhaps not many know.


Definitely the banquet is one of the most important parts of your wedding, but to make this moment a success, not enough to choose the best food, you also need to think about the music, the decor and of course drinks aside.
There is always the option of serving whiskey, beer or wine, but an idea that will give your wedding a lot more originality and colorful are the cocktails. All these colors as bright can serve as a complement to the decor of the room and also help make your guests feel a little more confident.