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The will of Las Cumbres, begins with some tasty mini sandwiches of white and brown bread, and delicate slices are stuffed with turkey and cheese with herbs, ham and cheese, tuna and lemon cream, pastries and sugary crispy parmesan.
His will in strands, served with a tempting selection of cakes, warm scones to finish accompanied with jam and butter.


"The High Tea of Las Cumbres is a very studied and learned synthesis of the best you and ceremonies in the world with the best of each place.
We have been in Tokyo, Darjeeling, in the ancient Shanghai at the Crillon with the best patiserie gala and Harrods of London, with scones, their lemon cookies and mini cucumber sandwiches, and champagne.
After so many thousands of miles we have finally learned something about the ceremony and how to make it pleasant for us and our guests. "


They say that in fact the "Bone Chine " , the more fine porcelain was created almost like an eggshell to Chinese emperors who could take you as airborne , such was the mystique of its purity.
The British in their world travels took him on their boats like a trophy and drinking imposed as civilized empire. They loved him so , who planted throughout northern India, just to provide you fresh, aromatic and golden color to the kingdom as his nobility and bourgeoisie.
Today , tea is still , both in London and in our lands privacy drink . At Hotel -Art Las Cumbres we take the nice work travel the world and see different ways to learn from them .
And we've been at Harrods in London , Tokyo , Japan , in the ancient Shanghai , China and in Darjeeling , India to stock up the " tea champagnes " for the wonder of color and refined taste .