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It is said that the desire to do great work is the desire to be in a time and in a proper place , originality is combined with the brand's heritage and the anxiety of influence . On the other hand , become palpable influences however are closely interrelated construction and service.

Since 1991 when our first cup serve you in our private home, each year we have added those details to make our guests feel good , as well as in their own homes . First there were 4 rooms , 8 suites and so then every year we build and decorate 28 rooms with all the refinement and technology.

've never changed is our philosophy, based on : good food, warmth , quality, charm and courtesy, always favoring the exclusivity of the place and consequently access is by reservation only . We are proud that our guests are the main actors of the various changes that have developed to satisfy and captivate over these 22 years. Not surprisingly we are one of the 100 best hotels in the world (According to Star guide service, within a selection of 10,000 establishments ) .