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Keeping the magic of Las Cumbres we balance the physical and the spiritual to continue on other planes with an infinite ying- yang of complementary opposites . We reached meet functionality , add the arts to cutting edge design and the Renaissance recovered well from a contemporary perspective . From Las Cumbres , a jewel of refinement for the body located in one of the most beautiful places of nature , the goal was to create the best SPA in South America. Guests of the SPA -ART receive the best personalized , counted with exceptional therapists who help achieve the goal that enjoy a " Space for Renewal " .
Dear Guest , year after year you have been the main actor of the various changes that have been developing in Las Cumbres . This time we invite you to enter our new project , SPA -ART in essence, represents leave the footwear outside the temple. We combine the arts , nature , murals , fountains, waterfalls , with cutting edge design and advanced equipment . Why not urban detox plan ? , Can you imagine taking a walk, meditate or simply lost in the trekking trails , with the company of music of The Summit by ipod ? . We assure that there is a spa in Latin America like it . For the Hotel -Art & Spa Las Cumbres is exceeded to help balance your body with your soul and stay home.


We have a fitness center with the latest generation technology, and a truly amazing view from where you can see the sea, the lakes, the mountains and forests. On a promontory atop the Sierra de la Ballena to 151 meters high, is the highest of Punta del Este. It's almost like doing gymnastics in the South Atlantic Roof...


65,000 liters pool carved into the natural rock. To swim under the stars...


- Sauna - Jacuzzi -
- Art fitness center -
- Exclusive facial and body - Body Massage -
- Relaxation White Room -
- Turkish Bath -


Trekking in our path around the hotel.
Mountain bike (no extra cost). For your security, have helmets at reception.
Request beach towels, chairs and umbrellas at reception.


Relieving massage :

Intense body massage in which we emphasize stretching and pressure at specific points. We achieve this, relax the muscles , improve joint mobility and relieve tension . The feeling is of relief and calm.
Duration : 50 minutes , U $ S 56 .

Back Massage :

It is a specific massage in the back, devoted entirely to the area and relax descontracturar maximum tensions. Working the intensity thereof according to the need of the individual.
Duration : 30 minutes , U $ S 41 .
Duration : 50 minutes , U $ S 56 .

Manual Lymphatic Drainage :

By combining slow and gentle maneuvers began with the release of the main lymph nodes, so that the fluid retained will be eliminated by the body naturally.
It is especially recommended for people who have , circulatory disorders, pregnant and tired legs .
Duration : 50 minutes , U $ S 65 .

Hot Stones :

Ancient art , which provides a harmonious balance between the energy of our body and the energy that nature is offering . It applies a smooth basalt stone massage over the entire body to ensure that absorb the energy of Rhinestones , eliminating tension and blockages , thus promoting the welfare and harmony. It will leave your body totally relaxed .
Duration : 50 minutes , U $ S 70 .


Preparation and Deep Cleansing Facial:

We started a deep cleansing and exfoliation, steam and applying specific products ablandáremos the horny layer to remove impurities. Cryotherapy and appropriate masks help us to leave the skin clean, soft and moisturized. Finish with a massage using a vial of liposome.
Duration: 60 minutes, U $ S 65.

High Hydration Treatment "Hydrasoin"

It is an intensive moisturizing treatment that restores balance to the skin naturally more punished. Skin awakens, becomes more receptive and begins to acquire a new look. The signs of aging specific to attenuate dehydrated skin, achieving a sense of comfort. The face takes on a unique touch.
Duration: 60 minutes, U$S 82.


One of the greatest contributions of the paraffin bath is intense hydration that occurs in the skin, this moisture apply the wax does not evaporate, but it returns to the epidermis thus helping to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, thanks to his contribution vitamins such as vitamin E is preventing aging. Continued use of paraffin prevents the appearance of brown spots on hands that are associated with age spots. After this treatment, you can see immediately how the skin is soft and silky.
It begins with an exfoliation treatment, apply a moisturizer, relaxing massage until completely absorbed, then the hands are dipped in warm paraffin and are wrapped for 15 minutes.
Duration: 35 min, U$S 35.