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We're back at The Summit for lunch , everything was perfect , thank you very much . Martha and Nelson 02/05/10 .

simply spectacular, the best birthday gift that our children could have chosen . Silvia and Edgardo 25/04/11 .

wanted to tell them that the hotel is a beauty and highlight the attention of your staff have been very nice and loving . Mercedes .

We in Heaven fine, thank you very much to Ms. Ana and Fabricio Victoria and David 15/01/08 .

A beautiful place to re -encounter the genuine nature , thanks. 31/03/09 Dr. Peter and Catherine .

Ana and Ivan THANK YOU! , by so much magic , energy human quality of this hotel is pure warmth . 03/04/06 Thanks Silvina .

love the Holjevac , Thanks and a pleasure to have been in heaven. They are very sweet ycálidos all . Sofí 02/01/10 .

Here we find the most precious of life, be happy ! continue with both commonsense congratulations on the staff , owners Ivan and Ana Marcia 12/10/10 .

Just wonderful ! ! , Fernanda 12/08/09 .

Dear Friends , having chosen to The Summit in 2 chances to marry my children , I have no choice and need to express to the actual Congratulations for all the attention of taste and warmth we received of all equipment , remain in the same Arturo 30/05/09 .

leave a part of me in this beautiful place Nora 09/04/09 .

Simply a Hotel, as they should be all Cesar 31/01/07 Thank you .

The only downside is having to leave Leti and Joseph 31/01/07 .

For me , the most beautiful place in Punta del Este 15/08/10 .


Fantastic place, we left two days the world enjoying excellent views and best service. Thank you .

different place. To appreciate the best scenery of Punta del Este and tasting dishes richer. Thank you very much .

Thanks , summits , a cozy , warm , surrounded by natural beauty , allowing rest, relaxation and a good experience desired always a long weekend . Saturday July 31, 2010 .

Well guys , we're leaving . Thanks for tutti , we 'll spectacular ! Thank you.

After trying to live everyday life , we come to this place , where we " clean " the soul , to take up the daily . Thank you.

divine We enjoyed every second in this beautiful place.

A dream. Very enjoyable. Excellent atmosphere and personal attention .

certainly return .

really spectacular! I'm going back .

dream place .

divine and reload energy spent in this unique place. A kiss and all the best .

A wonderful place and a view dream , really all excellent ! Thanks to all the staff for the kindness we have received during the days of estadía.Gracias for everything.

really is heaven on earth touch the clouds with my hands.

discovered a wonderful and warm, with a splendid service and mable , recommend and return.

Thank you all for making me feel for years at home a big kiss .

Congratulations on the excellent customer service and wonderful scenery .

Thank you for this precious gift with the whole family again . 20/11/10 .

Truly this is paradise ! .

Undoubtedly, again thanks for such warmth .

ongratulations to Chef for a delicious dinner ! , very pretty the Hotel and service ! .

Thank you and come back for more ! .

was here 18 years ago today I can not believe how beautiful and prosperous found this place . I would choose as my place in the world .

really spectacular! I'm going back .

true, a dream . For 25 years I have come to Punta del Este, never here , it's really amazing, both landscapes , food and todo.Mil attention thanks and congratulations .

Today 5 years ago we got married here . And here we are celebrating our anniversary and remembering the most beautiful day of our lives. Here is the special place of our love. Thank you.

Years ago I wanted to come to staying at the Summit of the Whale and were finally here .

Wave hotel and the service is impeccable. Those days were dreamed . Thank dodo . The place is a paradise.

Beautiful place and lovely people , glad to visit a hotel like this. Thank you.

always a great stay ! Nice Hotel and equip muito atenciosa .

came to celebrate 34 years of marriage , we had the miracle of a beautiful sunset , a magnificent sunset an excellent service , Thanks .

excellent stay in the Summits of Punta del Este . The spectacular view .

A place to contemplate and return .

Very good service, spectacular rooms and very warm people .

tip come to this since 1972 , I was never treated so well as here. Without doubt the best hotel I met pointed.

Thank never felt so good, I hope to return .

Hopefully Spanish language continues to develop to have words to describe this place , the hotel , service and warmth of its staff in the meantime we can describe as magical, unique , fantastic, beautiful , natural , romantic, etc, etc. .

Our biggest fear is not being able to return due to lack of availability if this hotel is known as it should, a unique place in the world .

The world has things that surprise you . This place is one of them .

One of the most beautiful and warm with excellent care . We are very grateful ! .

Thank God there this unique , unrepeatable , incomparable , is the earthly paradise , and attention is of the angels , is magical , summits hides much magic, again , sometime in other circumstances . Thank you thank you thank you , for being warm and all the best energy and light.

luxury being able to return to this amazing place.

always a joy to return to this house and a great pity partir.Gracias .

Summits truly a piece of paradise .... Vir for Ca and voltar normal world and Renascer year , recompostos e mais happy! Thank you ! .

really a pleasure to have been here in this sublime place .

Las Cumbres , a beautiful place that I would not go. I walked a lot and the room we play is very nice and big . We spent 3 beautiful days I did not expect so cute. The food is very rich and tea time we saw a beautiful sunset. The pile is very large and walked until I had realized that while it was waterfall pool .

Las Cumbres , thanks for the moments lived , returning very soon .

After some years we revisited this very cozy , and the memories resurfaced with the aroma of time, if there is paradise, this could very well be. I dare to write this on behalf of my family. I beg your Majesty the tyrant time permits fulfill this longing to return.

Charming unique, style , class and unmatched simplicity .

Thank you for serving us so warmly on our wedding night .

Lovely place, amazing eats ce , was a great experience ! Thank you.

star in the sky , it sure should not be better.

Long time stop seeking the meaning of life . Not worth pursuing by questioning . Today I think it's what you do it 's being created . I just think the time spent here were important strokes to complete this work of art.

true, a dream . For 25 years I have come to Punta del Este, never here , it's really amazing, both landscapes , food and todo.Mil attention thanks and congratulations .

Magnificent! This word describes it all . From the accommodation , care , location, etc. . Be back soon .

very good care of all employees , Congratulations.

has been a pleasure to arrive and enjoy the mountains . The exceptional staff.


Summit could define in a few words : hiding for inspiration, paradise on earth , privileged view , bright kitchen .

This place is an expression of individual encounter with nature, a balance between art and hotel.

Each room is an expression of art. It may be a style, a feeling or an experience.

Summits pleasure is from enjoy breakfast , a meal at the candlelight or just descansaren its spacious rooms with unique decor - Review sites -

Italian Cup , Chilean pewter dishes , French provence tablecloths , dishes from different corners of Europe and landscape River Plate is a perfect match to the mealtime .

The secret is that every corner has been decorated to be lived as a private residence . There is something special about this place . It is difficult to define , is very magnetic , not ... - Journal D & D - Bima Cover and decoration.

restaurant Las Cumbres carries a tradition of masters . Participated in your kitchen Chefs renowned worldwide, as Michel Kerever ( Savoy in London , Lion D " Or , Maxim's ) , Claude Troisgros (one of the chefs most famous deFrancia and consultant at Hotel Delano in Miami ) and Christophe Felder, in our opinion the best baker in the world - American Gourmet .

My stay at the Hotel Las Cumbres : Throughout my life , fortunately , or unfortunately , I have had to visit many hotels of all types and in the most disparate . Of these, no doubt , which I felt better , and in my house has been in Las Cumbres . Hope to be back , not once but several times , if time and my budget allow . - And breakfast - .

A different hotel for demanding guests .

Pure luxury, comfort, view 360-250 Mts. to sea level.

is undoubtedly a different place for different people.

many people, but all suenian to get to have a shelter where they are listed in the earthly paradise , a hiding place for inspiration and find himself . In the Summit is met and lingers in the minds of those who suenian .. "" - Traveler Magazine Argentina - .

Contemplating the Sun lies on the Lagoon in the bucolic landscape of Las Cumbres, is an extra pleasure that can only be given those who have come to make this life a good sum of good times "" - Magazine square - .

special place that always remains in memory.

is a pleasure to be here , everything is unique ... is a creative leisure .

Simply spectacular! ! , high-level service , unique .

Being Summits , the touch the sky with your hands.

Excellent service, unique sunset .

place , care and permanent attitude that exceed customer expectations , makes Las Cumbres a place to remember and return .

The view is Movie .

Small paradise.

Over the past 16 years I have come every year , more and more dazzled back . Ana and Ivan show the difference of being merely a Hotel ... is a unique union of geography amazing and special people .

Warmth, light , love put into every detail .

The place has soul .., there's no doubt.

Site idyllic and unique, excellent service.

All 10 points: weather , health , instead .

Life offers unique things to know , this is one of them .

The Ultimate have to come to live and believe .

A gift for the spirit, body and mind.