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"This hotel is a family business and we do our so that no one gets bored with the part he plays. as happens in the theater, all elements must match harmoniously or idea will fail. When it comes to the family is a risk we can not afford ".

"Ivanna is my capital.'s The heart and soul of this place and takes care of everything, while I care of crazy ideas. There are times those who want to kill me, because the work is much: make the bread, arrange the beds, take care the laundry ... always be done. but it have anyone to do it for them. "

"My childhood was not full of toys, but as you can see, I've solved that problem."

"A day comes from a business trip to Holland and family said, 'by the way, we have opened a salon tea ... '. - 'Where?' I said, 'on the beach?' - 'No, here at home!' On another occasion a customer so well he decided to step stay the night, and that's when the transformation began. We have gone from having five bedrooms to be seventeen, and we can create more. "